MyTVChannels lets you watch your favorite TVChannels on your Directv receiver.


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If you are asked whether to save or run the file, please select 'Run'. MyTVChannels contains no spyware, adware or viruses. It will advertise itself.

The easiest solution to most problems is rebooting your receiver. This fixes many problems from finding your MyTVChannels server to poor video quality and choppy audio. It seems that DTV's Mediashare can get a little flaky if you keep starting and stopping your server software or you can crash the video decoders completely with one bad transcode of a video. Do yourself a favor and reboot your receiver while MyTVChannels is running on your computer. If this doesn't fix your problem then read on...

First let's make sure that you can get the Directv receiver and MyTVChannels talking to each other. You should have your receiver hooked up to the same network your media server (PC) is going to be on. Start up MyTVChannels on your server (PC). Wait about 30 seconds then go to you television. Bring up the menu on the Directv receiver using the 'menu' button. You should see an option called 'Extras'. If you select 'Extras' you should see an option called 'Music & Photos'.

If you do not see the 'Music & Photos' option click here. Read the section titled 'I have my network hooked up and can't see the media server on my Directv Box.'

When you select 'Music & Photos' you should see a screen with 'My Computers' highlighted. Select it. A drop down menu should appear with the name of your computer and MyTVChannels appended to it.

You should see 'Streaming Channels. Select it. Then 'View Channel List', after selecting that you will see all the channels listed. Select one to view it.

If you have an HR24 Receiver you MUST do a red button reset after you have attached your receiver to your router. The HR24 is shipped with the ethernet port disabled and it won't enable until you've done this!