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Post  Post subject: Debugging transcoding and streaming issues  |  Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 4:18 am
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Here are a few tips on debugging issues viewing videos and listening to music using the transcoding option.

First, some VLC options that you can set in VLC can prevent it working properly with TVShare. Resetting your preferences to default is safest. To do this, start VLC, go to Tools/Preferences when the dialog opens there is a 'Reset Preferences' button on the bottom. Press it. Press Ok to confirm you want to reset the preferences. Then close VLC. Now try your media and see if the problem is resolved.

The error 'maximum bitrate exceeded' is often related to VLC being unable to keep up with transcoding. TVShare doesn't actually allow you to select a bitrate that exceed's the receiver's maximum. Note that sometimes the bitrate of the stream that VLC outputs can spike which might cause this issue. If that is the problem then you can go into TVShare's Advanced Dialog and decrease the 'Preferred Video Bitrate'.
If decreasing the video bitrate actually makes the problem worse then it is quite probable that your computer cannot keep up with the transcoding. To find out if this is the problem, open up TVShare's Advanced Dialog and select the option to 'Show VLC During Transcoding'. Then save the settings and watch the video causing the problems. You should now see VLC open on your mediaserver and you will be able to watch it's progress as the video plays. You need to be sure that VLC is transcoding faster than you are watching. That means that 10 minutes into the video VLC should be at least 15 minutes into the transcode process. If it is not then you will need to try some options to speed up transcoding. On TVShare's Advanced Dialog try changing 'Transcode using number of detected CPU cores' (Some computers run better with this on, some better with it off). Also turn on 'Skip Loop Filter' and 'Force Low Resolution', increasing the video bit rate also decreases the CPU requirements.

If you are experiencing a video or song that just stops for no reason or won't play at all then you can see if VLC is crashing or throwing an error. Open up TVShare's Advanced Dialog and select the option to 'Show VLC During Transcoding'. Then save the settings and watch the media causing the problem. See if VLC displays an error or crashes while transcoding. You should also look in the small text window at the bottom of the TVShare main screen for any messages that VLC is outputting while transcoding, often times VLC tells you in there if it found problems with your media while it was trying to transcode it.

If you can't get any music to work, press the 'Music Options' button on TVShare and switch the music format. Then try listening to music.

If you are getting poor audio on videos then press the 'Audio Options' button, most of the time 'Never Attempt Dolby Digital' should be selected, but for some types of audio you may have to select "Wherever possible, transcode to Dolby Digital Stereo'.

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