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Post  Post subject: Product quick answers  |  Posted: Mon May 14, 2012 1:27 am
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How does registration work?

When you purchase TVShare, you will receive a registration code that unlocks all the functionality on the computer that you used to pay for it. You will be able to get all Version 1 updates to TVShare for free when they are released. Just like registering Windows itself, you cannot use the same code on another computer and if you make major changes to your current computer your registration may be invalidated. If that happens, send us an E-Mail by visiting and we will re-register you for free.

I purchased TVShare and I didn't get a registration code or it didn't work or I forgot my code and had to re-install TVShare. What do I do?

Don't worry. Just send us a quick E-Mail by visiting from the email address you used to purchase TVShare -or- give us your Paypal transaction ID and we will have a new registration code on its way to you.

How does TVShare figure out what Artist/Album and Genre a particular song has?

If you do not share your music using iTunes support, then TVShare reads the embedded tag data within your music files to find the Artist/Album and Genre to display on screen. This data is often referred to as ID3 tag data. There is a lot of software available for creating and updating ID3 data to make sorting your music files easier.

If you use the iTunes sharing feature, then TVShare reads the Album/Artist and Genre information from your iTunes database; iTunes itself gets the data from ID3 tag information. If iTunes doesn't know what Album or Artist or Genre your music belongs to, you may still want to explore some of the software which allows you to update the ID3 tags inside your music files.

How do I sort my music by Album or Artist?

TVShare automatically allows you to view your music by Album or Artist if you share your files using iTunes support. If you do not have iTunes and want your music sorted this way, then install iTunes and import your music library. iTunes is free and you do not need to purchase anything from the iTunes store. You can import your existing music into the library easily. If iTunes does not know what Album or Artist your music is from, then look for software that updates the ID3 tag information in your music files.

If you do NOT use iTunes, TVShare serves up your music in the same order it finds it on your hard drive. It is recommended that you create a folder for each album under your main music shared directory and copy each album song into it. You don't have to do this but it makes reviewing your music a lot easier. Note that you must have good ID3 tag data in the song files for TVShare to find the Album, Artist, Genre and Track Number. (see How does TVShare figure out what Artist/Album and Genre a particular song has?)

My songs don't play in album order. How can I fix this?

Turn on the option 'Put track Number in front of track names'. You must have good track numbers stored in your music files in the ID3 information (see How does TVShare figure out what Artist/Album and Genre a particular song has?). When you do that, your tracks will appear in the order they appear on the album and they will play in that order.

Does TVShare support playlists?

If you use iTunes, then TVShare will allow you to select any one of your playlists. You can shuffle from each playlist or play all songs in a playlist. If you do not have iTunes, then you may want to install it. It is free and you don't have to buy anything from the iTunes store. You can import your existing music library and set up playlists inside iTunes. When TVShare restarts, it will see any playlists you have and serve them to your receiver.

I'm having trouble watching movies. They stutter or won't play at all. How do I know if I have things set up properly?

Download the free Abbott and Costello movie by visiting This movie will work perfectly on most systems. If you can play this movie and cannot play your own, then your movie format may not be supported or your computer may not be fast enough to stream your movie properly. If you can't play the Abbott and Costello movie, then there is a good chance that you don't have things set up properly on your network or your computer is too slow to be able to stream any kind of video. It is also a good idea to copy any movie you are trying to stream to a hard drive inside your computer. External drives, especially those that are network- or USB-based, often don't have enough throughput to stream movies properly.

When will you support VLC 2?

There is a bug in VLC 2.0 that prevents audio from working properly for movies. I have spoken with the VideoLAN programmers and they have fixed this problem in VLC 2.1. When VLC 2.1 is released, we will release a version of TVShare that works with it. Currently there is no release date set for VLC 2.1.

Update!: VideoLan moved the fix to VLC version 2.0.2 and it is now released. TVShare 1.18 works well with VLC version 2.0.2.

When will you support FLAC?

VLC 2.1.3 Now supports transcoding of FLAC files. get TVShare Ver 1.26 to support it.

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